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JAVA Conversions

Dealing with nulls Then  Just go through these conversions

Java – comparing strings

Use == for primitive data types like int

If (mystring == null)

Use the equals() method to compare objects

Use .equals for strings : if (a.equals(“cat”))

Java – Converting int to string

String myString = Integer.toString(my int value)


String str = “” + i

Java – Converting String to int

int i = Integer.parseInt(str);

int i = Integer.valueOf(str).intValue();

double to String :

String str = Double.toString(i);

long to String :

String str = Long.toString(l);

float to String :

String str = Float.toString(f);

String to double :

double d =

String to long :

long l = Long.valueOf(str).longValue();

long l = Long.parseLong(str);

String to float :

float f = Float.valueOf(str).floatValue();

decimal to binary :

   int i = 42;

String binstr = Integer.toBinaryString(i);

decimal to hexadecimal :

   int i = 42;
   String hexstr = Integer.toString(i, 16);
   String hexstr = Integer.toHexString(i);
   or (with leading zeroes and uppercase)
   public class Hex {
     public static void main(String args[]){
       int i = 42;
         (Integer.toHexString( 0x10000 | i).substring(1).toUpperCase());

hexadecimal (String) to integer :

int i = Integer.valueOf("B8DA3", 16).intValue();

int i = Integer.parseInt(“B8DA3”, 16);

ASCII code to String

int i = 64;

String aChar = new Character((char)i).toString();

integer to ASCII code (byte)

char c = 'A';

int i = (int) c; // i will have the value 65 decimal

integer to boolean

b = (i != 0);

boolean to integer

i = (b)?1:0;

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